This I Believe

Brian - Lobelville, Tennessee
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Dear Hard Working People,

I believe hard work will pay off. If you always give everything you have you will never fail. Sometimes it may feel like being an overachiever and giving it all you have is not getting you anywhere, but look to the future. If day in and day out you work hard, all your goals will come true. If it is a promotion you seek, give it time and finally it will happen. A person working hard stands out to a boss and other co-workers. You can always tell whether or not someone is doing their best. That is why I feel hard work pays off. Most everyone loves a person that will give you all they have, and will eventually repay them by giving them the things they seek.

If your goal is to build a house and start a family, it will require hard work. You must excel in work, and everything else will finally come together. You may have to work overtime to gain a few extra dollars to provide for a family and to pay bills, but the hard work will pay off when you achieve in having a home and family. The house will not come easy. I have seen my brother work on his house every minute of his spare time on the weekends and at night when he got home from work. If you ask him, though, I am sure he would say it is well worth all of the hard work.

If your goal is to become good at a sport or hobby, then you must work hard. Becoming good at something does not happen overnight. It may take weeks, months, or years, but if you give a little time and hard work you can become good. It took me many months to become a good duck caller. All it took to master the art of calling ducks was some hard work and practice. Getting help from other people who are already good at the thing you wish to learn is a good way to get better. I received a lot of help from experienced duck callers. Becoming good at your interest is the reward for your hard work.

If your goal is to make it to heaven, then you have a lot of hard work ahead. There are many things you must do, and you must work hard every day to obtain your goal. First you must accept God into your life, and know he gave his son for your salvation. Next, you must work hard at serving God and keeping a close relationship with him. The reward will be worth a lot more than the hard work put in. I hope everyone puts the hard work into obtaining the wonderful goal of spending everlasting life in heaven.

I know how it is to work hard all the time, and feel as if nothing good is coming from your hard work. I put in lots of overtime at work in hopes of a promotion or a raise, and I feel that if I keep it up sooner or later I will receive one of the two. You must look forward and know that the end result of hard work can never be negative. All good things come from hard work; however, all good things require hard work.

So I say to you, the hard worker, keep it up and know it will be worth it. Never listen to negative influences, and keep your eyes on the goal. It will pay off in the end.