This I Believe

Willie - McEwen, Tennessee
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe of playing high school football. There are lots to learn about playing football in high school. Playing football is like succeeding in life, learning from your mistakes, and making tough decisions. In football and life there are ups and downs that I will have to overcome. I have and still am learning how to get through college.

In life, sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I came up short. I played for a small high school team. I had to go against big private school. That is like going from high school to college. In football it was hard going against players bigger, faster, and stronger. Well, transferring from high school to college you have to care more, be smarter, and be more mature.

I have made lots of mistakes when I played high school football. I got into an argument with one of my coaches. I knew if I wanted to be the best I could be I would have to talk to him and fix the problem. In college I have not studied as much as I could in some of my classes. I know that getting a college degree isn’t going to come easy. So I will have to work really hard to get my degree.

In football I played safety on defense. There were lots of tough decisions I had to make. I had to figure out whether to come up because it’s a run. If I thought it was a pass I would decide to stay back. I’m the last person who can stop the opposing team from scoring so I had lots of decisions. I have a job that I have while I’m going to college. My freshman year in college I had to decide either to change jobs or quit college. There were lots of problems with my mom’s health so I had tough decisions to deal with. I decided that she would want me to have a college degree. She would also want me to be happy and successful. So I stayed in college.

In conclusion, high school football made me a better person. It made me make tough decisions, learn from mistakes, and be successful in life. I have over come the ups and downs in life. I will continue to go to college until I graduate. I believe that football isn’t a dangerous sport. It is a sport that will help you learn through life and succeed.