This I Believe

Brittany - Federal Way, Washington
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

Somebody had it right when they decided it would be a good idea to hit a little ball with a stick, because, nearly 550 years later, people are still doing it. Golf is a great sport to learn because it is fairly easy, you never have to give it up, and you can play it with or with out other people. I believe golf is a hobby that everyone should include in his or her life.

The first time I ever played a game of golf, I believed that it would be easy. I just had to hit a ball into a hole. However, I walked many a miles that day, because not only did I have to walk to the green, but I had to search for missing golf balls. Also swinging clubs was pretty easy too, but the next day my body was sore and broken from it. I believe in the physical aspects of golf because it can be very difficult. Exercise is essential and trust me golf can show you how out of shape you are like it did for me. All the walking and swinging made muscles I didn’t know I had noticeable. I became more conscience of my body and how I was treating it, and thanks to golf I became healthier.

A few golf games later, I learned the mental parts of the game. Learning how to relax, focus, and think positive can be tricky but fairly easy. The first time I ever incorporated all of these aspects, I launched the ball into the air and about 150 yards in front of me, on the fairway not in the trees. I was so excited that I tossed my club in the air and proceeded to hug everyone. From that moment on, I decided to include the mental part of golf into my everyday. I began to focus, relax, and think positive about school, work, and life. I believe that possessing these qualities is important because not only do they help me on the fairway but in other parts of my life.

Finally, not only are there physical and mental parts to golf, there is a social part as well. Manners are particularly important when out on the fairways. It’s important to show courtesy and not impale other golfer’s heads with balls and not run anyone over in your cart. Another social aspect is meeting new and very different individuals. Golf has helped me a lot with my people skills.

Even though I continue to really suck at playing golf, I haven’t given up. Golf hasn’t been too good to me when it comes to my final score, but it has taught me to take care of myself physically, mentally, and socially. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Who knew that all these great things could have happened to me just because I decided to pick up a stick and hit a little white ball? This is why I believe in golf.