This I Believe

Matthew - Venetia, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Six foot two, 185 pounds, built to work like a mule, and short hair which matches the grey mustache that rides the saddle above his upper lip – Dick Fornear is the man standing at the bar that goes unchallenged. He was a role model to me, maybe a bad influence to others, but still, a genuine man. Dick Fornear was a man who lived his life with disregard to personal prosperity and a heart for those he loved. From the time spent around him I have come to realize that the saying that drives his life, also drives mine. “You can’t measure wealth by money.”

8 a.m. in the McDonald’s drive through; Dick was sitting with his son, in his pick-up, waiting to order when the woman ordering in front of him was unable to hear due to the trucks loud engine. Turning off the truck was the simple solution. However in the process, was cut off by the impatient man behind him. Dick proceeded to rear-end the man, up and over the drive through curb, walked up to his window, took the drivers head, smashed it against the dash, several times, and then got back into his truck and asked his son “what would like for breakfast son?” His son replied, “an Egg McMuffin dad.” That’s a life lesson of living by his motto – never intentionally wrong a man, but once wronged, make amends.

Never owning a new sports car, but always a reliable used truck, Dick took pride in what he earned. Working two jobs at a young age, Dick gave his sisters twenty dollars a week, when he wasn’t making thirty. Volunteering for the challenging jobs no man would work for, Dick constantly put himself in the end of the line, rather then cutting in front. Scars tell stories; Dick’s knuckles could write a novel. Having everything in his eyes, yet having little in societies, you can’t measure wealth by money.

Depending on who you talk to depends on whether Dick was a good or bad influence, but even so, he has played a large role in my life. With the thoughts of a scholar in the body of a blue-collar mechanic, Dick Fornear knew what he wanted in life and it was never based on the measure of a man by materials. Dick Fornear may be the richest man I know.

You can’t measure wealth by money because money is worthless. Money serves as a hindrance and lavishes lives that are trying to be solved with a hopeless resolution. Money, in no way, determines the wealth and prosperity a man can achieve. The richest men in the world can be the ones in poverty.

I learned a lot from Dick Fornear. Basic mechanics of cars, what to do in certain situations, and there will always be a meal for me at his table. However, the most valued information was his famous six words – “You can’t measure wealth by money.” This is what I believe.