This I Believe

Johniera - St.Louis, Missouri
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Karma

“You reap what you sow”. This was apparent during the Holocaust when Hitler killed millions of Jews and ended up killing himself. I believe that what goes around comes around. If you are good to others you would get good in return; however, if you do bad deeds you will get punished.

One day my sister was outside playing and it was time for us to go in the house but she didn’t listen and stayed out late. I went in the house and told my mom that she wasn’t coming in so my mom went outside and embarrassed her. Later that week, I was on the phone and it was time for me to get off. My sister went and told me my mom that I wasn’t getting off, so my mom came in the room and I got in trouble. I received my Karma kickback.

I believe that Karma encourages people to be good. I think many people try to be good because they are afraid that if they don’t, bad things will happen to them. I think that life is so difficult that people try to avoid anything that will bring bad luck upon them. Life is just like a cause and effect. What you do effects you in the long run. For me I’ve had a lot of times were I had to actually ask myself did I really want to get in trouble over someone who wasn’t worth it, so I thought about what my consequence would be, and to me I felt it wasn’t worth getting suspended for, and I just let it go.

Some religions have their own beliefs about Karma. In the religion of Hinduism they believe that when a soul is reborn it enter into your body at a higher or lower state of existence then the previous one, and basically that it consist of the individuals thoughts, words, and deeds in his or her previous existence. If you’re bad you’re going to come back in a lower state of existence, and if you’re good you’re going to come back in higher state of existence.

Similar to Hinduism beliefs I believe that if you do something bad in life something bad is going to happen to you. I believe this because of personal experiences. I also believe you reap what you sow and that’s why I believe in Karma.