This I Believe

Gerry - Holland, Michigan
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

When I took a leadership class last fall I started to take notice of people’s different leadership styles. In the beginning of the semester, many people in the class didn’t put in a lot of their input. We always had three to four people being the most vocal and outgoing. This didn’t mean that we were the leaders in the class, but it was something that I found interesting in a “leadership” class.

After going through this semester I believe that leadership is something that you are born with, but are also able to develop. A person who is born with the leadership trait will always have the upper hand. Leadership will always come more naturally for them. Things won’t have to be so forced. A person that doesn’t carry the leadership trait will at times feel uncomfortable when in that position. A person who is trying to develop leadership could and maybe will become a pretty good leader if they want too. The biggest problem is that they have to put in double the time to be good at it compared to a person who is born with it. Let us look at a group of four people. If the group had all leaders in the group there might be no worries to whom will rise and take leadership in the group. If we had a group of four others that were not that comfortable with leadership we might face an issue of who will rise to lead the group and do it comfortably.

I envision a leader as a person who is charismatic, energetic, respectful, determined, goal oriented, trusting, and most importantly humility. I think those are the minimal requirements to start to become a good leader. The biggest of those traits for me is humility. I think we can look at a leader like Gandhi and see a perfect example of humility. Gandhi was arguably one of the best leaders that our world has ever seen. One of the qualities that made him popular and special is his complete humbleness towards others. He carried himself with upmost character. Every time I think back to what a leader should be I look back and remember Gandhi.

I see myself as a leader in this community. I have always wanted to lead groups and make the tough decision for a team or group. I find myself in more and more leadership positions on campus. I look to my current semester and see how much my leadership has grown. I have the honor and privilege to be the general manager of the radio station on campus. Through this semester alone I have seen myself grow and do things that I never thought that I could do. I found myself evaluating others, challenging the executive board, facing several challenges whether through the staff or from the technology. There is no doubt though that my toughest day as a leader came the day that I had to let an executive member go. I had one member that was constantly tardy or not coming in. I gave him plenty of opportunities to grow, but eventually I had to let him go. Things happen for a reason, but I am glad that my semester at the station has brought many challenges that will help prepare me to be the best leader that I can be.

Personally the process of becoming a leader is one that has been one of constant challenges and difficulties. Through all that though I am glad that I have had many downs on my journey towards leadership because with out the tough times there would be no rewarding times. As a child I feel like I was born with the leadership desire. Now it is time to go out and be the best that I can be.