This I Believe

David - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

What I believe

I believe in the creation of the universe by a supreme being, God and I also believe in his son Jesus Christ as the savior of the universe, the earth is subjective to the will of the God. Let me give you a basic view of why I believe this, there reason I believe that god is all powerful and the universe is subjective to his will brings me to the question how was the world created some scientist will argue that the universe was created by something called the big bang which is a lie because if the world was created by an explosion that statement is false because most explosions destroy not create. The fact that most believe that the Universe is what supplies us all out need and is there for us when we need something is a sever overstatement of what the earth can actually do, the earth of itself can do nothing to help better peoples lives further than what it has already provided for us today, it can’t stop life from happening, it can’t create new life, and I am not talking about things that grow forth for the earth like plants and trees and that such nature. I am talking about humans and there creation, I believe that we all were created by God, and that means every living thing including the earth and the universe because all of this was created by god. The universe is not all power full because it cant give you every thing you want it can give you nothing and saying that the world is all power full is sickening because the world was created and that is where I stand. The reason I believe that the world and every thing in it makes more sense than to say that the world created itself then where do we go when we die? Do we become dirt, or do our bodies become something else, the fact that I believe in God means much better than believing about the world being all powerful and all that will get you in the after live is a trip to the lake of fire, or Hell which ever you want to call it, it means the same thing you still will be miserable for eternity. So there you have it What I believe.