This I Believe

Jacob - Tampa, Florida
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in having fun no matter who I am with, either with my family or with friends. It

is usually different, though when I am with my family or friends. This is because when I am with my family, we usually are at the movies or on vacation, when we have all of the fun. But with friends, since we do not always have money, we try to find the cheapest way to do things.

So the main thing that we do is go bowling; this is because everyone can do it, and it is

not a lot of money, since many stores give out free game coupons. Although we do go often, it never gets boring or repetitive, because we always find a new way to do things, like throwing two balls down the lane at the same time, or try to slide farther than the other person.

And, on the other hand, when I am with my parents, and we are on vacation for

instance, we can all be crazy and not care what people think because we won’t see them again or have to care what they say. For instance, one time we were in Wyoming on a ski trip and some people were just blatantly staring at us. They were doing such because of the way that we were all acting; we were all running up and down a little hill with our tubes in hand and sliding down the hill. Little did we know, though, that the hill was restricted for tubing due to the abrupt end that it comes to. This fact did not stop us though; we kept going until we could not get back up the hill. As mentioned before, I have not had the opportunity to travel with my friends, until this upcoming winter vacation. When my family and my best friend Matt are going to Keystone, Colorado, which will be a great adventure, since he has never skied before.

Lastly, one time when I was with all my friends before everyone went off to college, we

had a sort of pool/movie day. All of us went to one person’s house and out of the whole day,

laughter did not cease once. This was because all the fun that we were having in the pool and

just being able to hang out with each other. And even though that day should have been a sad one because we would not all see each other again for a while, we turned it into a fun one.

This is what I believe because it is a great way to look at and deal with life. In the end, it

is easier to smile than it is to frown.