This I Believe

Rebecca - Stafford, Virginia
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This, I believe is to show acts of kindness towards people everyday. By showing acts of kindness towards others it shows people that I have respect for myself, I am willing to help others, and that I am easy to talk to. When people are around me I want to show them that I am a kind person. By being kind to others I am building a better me.

When I started kindergarten I when to a Catholic School called Aquinas Regional Catholic School which is in Woodbridge. At my Catholic School we are taught to always have good manners and to show acts of kindness towards others. In Catholic Schools they teach you to show acts of kindness when we would read a lesson in our religion book. Our teacher would tell us a story that relates to the lesson that we just learned and what god would have done in the situation. I only went to the Catholic School up until the third grade. In the fourth grade I went to Hampton Oaks Elementary School which is in my neighborhood and is a public school.

When I am leaving the NOVA parking lot I let students in when they are trying to get out of the parking lot. When someone lets me in their lane I wave back to them to say thank you. I feel better as a person when I display acts of kindness to others. Recently, I have noticed that when I drive down the highway and cars from the HOV lane need to merge into the left lane the cars in the left lane do not want to share the lane with the other cars. When I see a car that needs to merge into my lane on the highway I let them in.

It’s almost like everyday when I turn on my television I see less people show acts of kindness towards others. For instance in Iraq people have definitely forgotten to display acts of kindness. Too many Americans are dying in order to help Iraq become a better place for the citizens living there. This war has gone on too long and is chaotic. Lately, President Bush has not been doing a good job in America and about the war in Iraq. He is slacking off as a president and some Americans are not pleased with what he has done for this country these past months. In my opinion I have noticed that I do not see a lot of people doing the right thing. For example most people do not hold the door for someone who is carrying a lot of items or someone who kills innocent people. People have forgotten to show kindness to others.

At the end of the day I ask myself if I have shown acts of kindness towards others. I think of my day and answer my question. By displaying acts of kindness I learn more about myself and what I need to improve on as a person. Everyone needs to show more acts of kindness in the world.