This I Believe

Greg - Marylanheights, Missouri
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The Influence of Family

My family is what has shaped my life and mad me the person I am. From my family, I have learned to take the good with the bad and how to roll with the punches. My family has taught me compassion and how to care for other people as well as how to not loose my cool when dealing with troublesome individuals. I believe that a family has is an extremely important resource that has the ability to sway a person’s personality and behavior in a positive or negative way.

My older brother has had a very positive influence on me. He and I are only one year apart in age and we both get along well. We have similar interests and we hang out with the same kind of people. My brother influences me all the time through his actions and by being around me. He works had and gets very good grades. He is a good role model and I admire how hard he works at what he does. He always tries his best and is very studious and even though he is very involved at school, he still has time to hang out with me and do activities that we both enjoy. When doing my school work or anything else that needs to be completed, I try to complete it in a manor that my brother would approve of.

My parents have influenced me in an extremely positive way also. They both work very diligently and do their share to keep everything at home going. My mom has everywhere to go and no time to do it. She has to get four kids where they need to be on time and with the things they need. Throughout my child hood my mom has taught me organization and responsibility so that now when I have things to do, I can get ready for them myself and not be overwhelmed with what lies at hand. My Dad is one of the hardest working people I know and has instilled in me the importance of a job well done. Selflessness is second nature to him and I hope to believe that all of his good qualities and examples have been passed on to me and impacted the way I act to others around me.

My family has deeply affected me as a person and has taught me how to interact with other people I might meet. They set examples that I want to follow. Families has a great influence over their member’s lives and can defiantly effect the outcome of their personality and behavior as a whole.