This I Believe

Whitley - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe effort is the key to success. Putting effort in to everything you do is not an easy task. My basketball coach always says “give me a hundred percent of what you have!” I have become immune to this phrase, and I have realized that she isn’t just yelling at me, but she is trying to push me to give my full effort because she sees my potential success in the future.

My team and I recently went to a tournament in Longwood, Colorado. As soon as we exited the plane, members of my team began to have headaches; their ears were popping, and felt light-headed.

The next morning, we had shoot around at Colorado Christian University because we had a game later on that night. While we were warming up, we noticed that it was going to be hard to play our style of basketball because we were not used to the Colorado altitude. Many of my teammates had a hard time with their endurance, and wasn’t able to fully perform.

At the game, we knew we would have trouble with the game tempo, and at half time we were down by twenty-nine points. Our coach came in, and said that we weren’t giving any effort, and despite of the altitude, we should still give a hundred percent of what we have left. We ended up losing the game by only six points, and that was due to close free throws in the closing seconds.

After the game, my team wasn’t as upset as we usually are when we have suffered a loss. We realized that we beat ourselves because if we would have giving all our effort in the first half, like we did in the second, then we would have received a victory. We also realized that we became successful when we put in the effort. In the second half of the game, we were successful because we played to the best of our ability, and out scored the other team thirty-four to ten, so image what how successful we could’ve been with giving full effort the whole game.

Effort isn’t always easy to give, especially if you’re really good at something. My team believed that we were better than Colorado Christian, so we wouldn’t have to put in as much effort to beat them, but we learned that you should always give full effort because it will result in success; no matter how minor it may be.

This lesson taught me a lot about myself, and what effort can do for me. Life isn’t any easy road, therefore there will always be obstacles that I will have to over overcome, and if I don’t put forth my full effort I will not be successful in life or anything else that I want to do.