This I Believe

Shelley - Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in friendship everlasting.

We were both just eighteen when we first met. Both fresh out of high school, we were ready to take on the world. It was our first year of college. Robert and I had met by chance through a friend at a party. What was normally a fifteen minute walk back to my dormitory, that night, took us several hours. We stopped at a park and talked, I mean really talked. By the time we reached my dorm, we knew practically everything about each others’ lives. It was good to meet a guy who had more than sex on his mind.

Our friendship has endured a lot since then. Robert lives in Montana, while I remained in the southwest area of the U.S. Though miles a part, there is much we have shared with each other. I was there during his time in the military. We have been through both our marriages and divorces together. He has been with me through my struggles and joys of college. I did not witness the birth of his oldest child, but I was one of the first he called to announce her arrival. Sadly, I was also the first one he called when she died at the tender age of 14.

Most friendships are those in which the individuals see each other often. Robert and I have only seen and visited each other three times over the years. Yet, we remain close. Normally, I am not much of a conversationalist, but once Robert gets me on the phone, we can talk for hours about anything and about nothing. He is a wonderful storyteller and has a great sense of humor. At times, when I am not feeling as enthusiastic about my life as I usually am, Robert will say something extraordinary to make me laugh. A sense of humor keeps the greatest of friendships alive and that’s what it’s done for Robert and me.

I have always tried to be honest with Robert. Other than God, he is the only one in my life that I can truly trust with my deepest secrets and thoughts. He has never criticized me and has always understood me. These are aspects of a true friend. I would hope that every human being alive has the chance to obtain such a special bond with another person.

We have continued our friendship now for twenty years. I have had friendships before, but none that have lasted this long. I hope that we will grow old together as the best of friends, reminiscing about old times. Our next meeting will be the day I receive my degree in college. He is one of the most important people in my life that I would like to share that moment with. I would not trade our friendship for anything. I believe our friendship will last forever.