This I Believe

J - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

The Beauty of The Plan

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Do you think that God has a grand scheme for everything and everyone, and that every little thing that happens in the world has a part in that plan? God is omnipotent; that means he knows everything that has happened, is happening, or will ever happen. That, in turn, means that if he knows what will happen in the future, there is a predestined path for every single atom in the universe, and he knows what those paths are. If every single atom, every action we do is known by God and it all has a part in his grand design, then it must be for a reason, which means that everything must happen for a reason.

Call it a sixth sense, that lingering feeling someone gets when someone is behind them or when they feel something ominous is about to happen; everyone knows the feeling. Have you ever felt this before something bad was about to happen? Such as waiting that extra second after the light changes and seeing a car blow through the intersection where you would have been. Or calling your grandmother spur of the moment and finding out she’s having a heart attack. Everything happens for a reason. These occurrences aren’t coincidental, for there is no such thing as a coincidence if it all happens for a purpose.

People might ask that if everything happens for a reason, then why are there disasters, murderers and rapists, droughts, famines, disease, and all the bad things that happen in the world. They all happen for a reason, even if our minds can’t comprehend the implications of those happenings. The same thing goes for miracles; unexplainable almost magical situations where there was no logical or scientific way it could have happened. How can situations defy science, how can people overcome cancer, how does a lame man walk or a blind man see? I don’t know, I doubt anyone does, but I DO know that they all happen for a reason.

Think of a situation you’ve been in where it seemed like it was the worst day in the world. Looking back on the day, was it really the worst thing that could have happened? Didn’t you learn something from that situation that helped you the next time you encountered a similar situation? At some points in our lives it may seem like there is no way God could be looking out for us, or that bad things happen for no reason. While that may be, we are still always God’s children, and he is looking out for us. Though we walk through the darkest of nights, the sun will never cease to rise, for it too has a purpose