This I Believe

A - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

Goals are my world. Goals are your world, whether you know it or not. Goals actually created our world, as God had a goal in mind for each of the seven days in which he created the universe. Without goals, we would have nothing; we would be nothing. If you have not created goals in your life, now is the time to make the goal to start making goals!

Every invention that exists today began with a goal. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb with the goal of no longer being afraid of the dark. The sandwich was invented to meet the goal of easily eating multiple tasty foods at one time! The telephone was planned with the goal of communicating more frequently and easily. Even toilet paper was invented with a very understandable goal in mind!

My own life is built on a foundation of goals. School sports require me to make individual and team goals. Academics have always entailed many goals from me, some as slight as completing a homework assignment, and some as challenging as being on the honor roll. My future is planned out in goals, such as what my career will be, where I will live, and how I will live my family life. One goal I met in my life and continue to strive for is keeping up my grades. I achieved my goal in first through eighth grade of keeping my grade point average as I wanted. Although I knew high school would be challenging, I kept the same goal throughout the past three years. I am still pushing myself to keep the same grades my senior year, and, so far, the outcome is looking fine! After high school, I plan to keep the same academic goal for college, no matter what field of study I enter. Even if I do not meet each specific goal for my life, I can still work to the best of my ability to fulfill my dreams.

The most important goal, in my eyes, is to live life to the fullest. I want to travel and involve myself in as much of the world as I can. Instead of finding one fixation I enjoy and participating in only that event for the rest of my life, I plan to experience many exciting endeavors. To achieve goals, a person must believe in him/herself. I believe in goals, because goals are the beginnings of all that exists.