This I Believe

A - napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I Believe Paintings Should Be Viewed at a Distance.

As an art student, I have learned that paintings should be viewed at a distance. I am extremely detailed and conscious when it comes to my work. I spend an entire class period on a square inch section of a 24×32 canvas. I become very frustrated if I mess up even the least noticeable area.

Breathe In.

Take a step back.

Once my focus is off of that area of imperfection, I realize, that imperfection is what makes the painting mine. One small imperfection does not interfere with the overall beauty of the painting. One flaw does not mean the end product will be worthless, it just means I need to work hard to make the rest of the painting beautiful. This lesson I have learned also relates well to life.

I have learned that life is full of imperfections; that things go awry. As sad as it is, people tend to focus more on these faux pas than they do the prodigious events. It often amazes me that one person can have a wonderful life, yet still be upset when they do not get what they want. I believe we need to stop, back away from that square inch section of our life painting, and take a look at the overall beauty of it. Do not allow one small section to frustrate you to the point of quitting. If nothing went wrong, life wouldn’t be very interesting. Life is not fair to anyone, which, in essence, makes it fair. Besides, what is the point of living if not to learn from one’s mistakes?