This I Believe

Chris - Round Rock, Texas
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

A young boy on his own at school, yea I had friends, but as an the older sibling with no father there was no one to teach me. I had to shape my beliefs about things and become a strong person on my own, but the main thing I had to do was learn how to defend myself. I never really knew what a bully was and I never really wanted to find out. Me, a young African American boy at the age of 8 being bullied who would have known that I would dread going to school everyday in the elementary. I became strong though over time I began to say know and give them the look. You know how kids are they look at others in a mean way to show their strength. Little did I know with the look came test apparently the look wasn’t enough for them. One day in the restroom they began pushing me and pushing me it was two so i didn’t really know how to handle both of them. I became strong though and confident although I had to result to violence, I learned how to defend my self and became a stronger person. I learned that there is no reason for any one person to be picked on just because. Any time I saw it I felt it was my duty to help and step in.