This I Believe

Matt - USA
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Life is Short

Life, would appear to be like an endless journey, but in reality it’s relatively short. Think about it, the life expectancy at birth in the United States is seventy-seven. If everyone would live that long life would still just be a blip of the 4.6 billion years time line of earth. Though seventy years may seem long and ages away it will creep up on anyone quickly. That is why life is short.

Death is a part of everyone short life, there is no escaping, avoiding, or hiding from it, death will always be the final act of a persons life. That life that has been given to everyone is a gift, something that everyone should take pride beyond all else and use to the fullest because everyone only gets one. I believe this gift is misused regular and treated with disrespect and soon enough people find their gift is used up when their life comes to an abrupt end. Only then do they realize how short their life actually was.

I to use to cruise through life, never looking back and eating away through my given years. That is until my dad got colon cancer. This was the first time I thought of death. No longer care free I looked back on what I had achieved so far; good grades, being a mediocre athlete, and a few other things. I began to realize that life is in fact short. I may only be sixteen, but I need to accomplish something in my life that I can be proud of and that others can remember me for. I began to start slowing down and enjoying myself more. I had started to believe that life is short.

As the old Latin saying goes Carpe Diem, seize the day. This is what I believe and I hope everyone will see that they there is no extra life or elixir to put a stop to death and I believe everyone should enjoy the remaining years they have left because life is short.