This I Believe

Branden - manlius, New York
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Success is a Good Thing

I believe that people should want to succeed, and be proud of their accomplishments.

Throughout my entire school career, I have always tried to do my best. I have always believed that quality of work, and the outcome should be something I am proud of. Every test and assignment should be a reflection of my work ethic and the effort I put into that assignment.

My mom always told me to do well in school because it will lead to a better life and a better future. As a part of trying to do well in school, my mom always told me to give my best effort all the time. If I did those things, then in the end my work should be a product of my labor and something I am proud of.

When I first started taking advanced math in 7th grade, I thought I was going to be in the same class as a lot of my friends. However, I was in a class with almost all older kids and only a few of my friends. Some of my friends said it was not worth it to try so hard, and that it was a little weird to take an advanced class when it was okay to stay at the normal level. But I was proud to be in class with older kids and be a little ahead of some of my friends.

Even though there was more homework than other classes and a test at least once a week, I was still happy to be in an advanced class. Sometimes, when the work became excessive, and the things we learned got harder, I wanted to quit. My mom would not let me quit. Also, she told me that if I tried harder I could pass the class and I would be happy that I did not quit.

After all I was happy and felt more accomplished because I passed an advanced class. I was also happy that I did not quit because it would have been a mistake.

Now it is a good thing to be in an advanced class for colleges and I am setting myself ahead from some of my friends. Also I have friends in my math class and I still take pride that I am succeeding in math.

Even though it is more responsibility and more work, I have accomplished more and I believe it is good that I have achieved so much in a higher level math class.