This I Believe

Christopher - Tampa, Florida
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose, setbacks

I believe that no matter how good or how bad, everything happens for a reason.

I think that whether it’s a fortunate event or a mistake, there is a reason behind every action and event in my life. Sometimes people come into my life and I get this strange feeling that they were meant to be there. Perhaps they’re suppose to teach me something valuable or to teach me a life lesson, whatever it may be, I know that there presence will somehow shape or form my views and possibly help me realize who exactly I am. Sometimes these certain events can come off as horrifying and possibly end miserably, however that just creates an obstacle in life that I must overcome.

I could name a list of great things that have happened to me in my 18 years of living but the events that took self reflection and self realizations are the gloomy ones. Things happen and sometimes I’ll have no control over them and sometimes I will but without that control I would never realize my true potential. When I was in 10th grade I was your average cocky ignorant teenager and I thought I knew anything about everything. This belief sadly came to a halt when I began drinking and taking pills and realized that stupidity and unfortunate genetics led me down a painful road to the hospital. I would take muscle relaxers after my boxing matches and I would go out and party but I never worried about mixing the two because I was young and ignorant. After about the 4th or 5th time of mixing the two I ended up stumbling home one night and waking up the next morning unable to move. I wasn’t paralyzed but I was in such severe pain that I didn’t want to move. I finally found the strength to get out of my bed and tell my mom who than drove me to the emergency room to find out that I had a kidney infection and that it was common in my moms side of the family. That day I realized my obstacle. I realized that mixing pills and alcohol could turn out tragic and that I needed to overcome this before it took my life. I immediately ceased the muscle relaxers for they weren’t needed but had a desired effect and I decreased my consumption of alcohol to where I could test my intake and its effect on my kidneys. My journey down this road opened the eyes of me and my friends and has so far prevented this from re-occurring. So I say to you, learn a lesson everyday, even if it’s as simple as saying god bless you when someone sneezes for every action happens for a reason and it could change a life or possibly even save one. So appreciate every moment and take everything you can from it because tomorrow is never promised.