This I Believe

Erin - Calumet city, IL, 60409, Illinois
Entered on December 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Erin Watson

You Are Just Not Good Enough

As a member of the LINK Unlimited scholarship foundation I knew I had a responsibility to do well in school and become a leader. I worked hard to get the scholarship to attend a private high school. Throughout my grade school years, I was happy with my standing as I student, I got along with my teachers and fellow students. So entering high school I expected that it would be slightly more challenging academically but I could handle it.

To make sure the students were staying on track academically we had two program directors Ms. Wilson, who was extremely nice and then there was Ms. Pam who was this tough strict woman who nobody really cared for. It was obvious the she cared about helping the students do well in college, but she was very overwhelming. She did command your attention she always made direct eye contact with you and let you know that she was in control.

Each year the students had to meet with one of the program directors, and every time I would always Ms. Pam. After the third straight year in a row, I figured she was personally requesting me. She would always tell me “Erin you got to do better then what you’re doing.” It always seemed like she hated me she send me e-mails saying that I wasn’t managing my time right, I need to improve on my studies. I was a ‘B’ student I thought that was good enough there were some students that were doing much worse then I was. I couldn’t figure why she kept telling me that I wasn’t performing well when I had a ‘B’ average. It bothered me because I could not figure out why this lady was constantly on back about what I was doing wrong. Every year in high school she would constantly ask me to meet with, and every time I met with her I felt like I was getting this long lecture of what I was doing wrong. After a while I just gave up on trying to please this woman, nothing I did was good enough. If I got an ‘A-‘in class, she’ll be like why wasn’t it an ‘A’.

On the night of our graduation ceremony, she gently pulled me over to the side and said, “Some people get what they deserve, but you deserve what you get.” This statement I believe gave me all the confidence I needed to succeed in life. She told me that she always knew I was a smart person, which is why she wouldn’t tolerate any mediocrity from me. I needed that “tough Love”, because I never had that before and she knew that from the moment she met me. Ms. Pam is part of my family and now I am happy to talk and e-mail on a day-today basis. She is somebody who I will appreciate for the rest of my life.