This I Believe

Thomas - 49423, Michigan
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

This I believe

I believe in change. If you talked to my parents you might find this to be an bold statement after hearing how I threw a conniption fit at the age of 10 when my mom finally switched my Choo choo train wall paper to the “big boy” wall paper, or perhaps at 14 when I refused to surrender when my parents decided we were old enough to stop pretending that St. Nick was a fat man who squirmed down our chimney. I am not going to claim that I am some sort of expert at embracing change, but I do believe in it. I’m not talking about the obvious change. The type of change that happens during puberty or when the seasons change. Believing in that kind of change is about the same as believing in gravity. I don’t believe in the inevitable changes the way people believe in love, acceptance and forgiveness.

It might be more appropriate to say that I believe in people; people as a catalyst for change. Believing that people have the capacity to change our world is a much more audacious than believing that 5 years from now I will look different than I do today. However audacious is it is, I have seen it happen. We see people, we see leaders throughout our history and in our own lives teaching, helping and inspiring others. I have experienced people like this in my own life.

My grandpa is one of these people. My grandpa is an outstanding leader. What makes my grandpa such a great leader is that he not only strives to manifest his vision personally, but that his vision gets caught and people are changed. I have frequently thought about what distinguishes my grandpa from so many people in leadership who perform medial tasks and whose followers are stagnant. What I have come up with is simple really; sincerity. How is it that everyone remembers my grandpa even in brief encounters? Because he truly cares and his sincerity shows. My grandpa changes lives by taking the time to be sincere not only with his friends and family but with total strangers. It is this that draws people to him. He truly cares for others more than himself. People want to be loved and sincere honest acts of love inspire more love.

May all of us lead like this someday. Lead out of passion, sincerity and love. That we can forget about ourselves, our status, our money, our futures, and focus on using these blessings and our gifts to impact this world. I believe in change because of my grandpa. I believe in change because I have seen communities and individual lives transformed by the capacity that we hold to love. I believe that we can start now. To make this vision spread, to spread this good around, means inspiring others and doing so using completely the gifts and talents that we have been given. This is why I believe in change.