This I Believe

Natasha - Gig Harbor, Washington
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

My family had always been very close. I grew up with my brother and cousins. We would spend almost everyday, all summer long, playing on my grandparents twenty acres. My grandpa would give us rides in his backhoe and he taught us to drive it. We would make create four wheeler trails and build forts. We would stay outside all day until we were called for dinner.

Every year, after Thanksgiving, Grandpa would take my cousins and I to Seattle. We would visit the Space Needle and the Pacific Science Center. He would give each of us money and take us to the mall downtown to help us pick out gifts for our parents. These are a few of my favorite memories.

Recently, my grandpa passed away. I took his death very hard; as I couldn’t help but think of all the time I had missed with him. I had said numerous times I was going to visit, but I became so involver with other things that I never did. I was mad that I had not taken advantage of the time I had. And there was nothing I could do.

It was then that I realized I needed to live in the present. So, I believe in being in the here and now. Take full advantage of the present and love each moment, these moments will not always be here.

I do not know if I will live to see tomorrow; I do not know if I will have the chance to visit someone I love tomorrow. All I know is now.

My dad told me something after my grandfather’s death that helped me through. He said, “It’s like, when you see something you want, be it a pair of shoes or a new car, you should get it then. If you wait and go back to buy it, you can’t be sure it will be there waiting for you. And if it isn’t, then all you can think is ‘I should have bought those shoes, or that car’”.

Time spent dwelling in the past is a waste. You cannot take time back, nor can you change a moment spent.

Living life in this moment allows you to become more aware of your surroundings. Every minute the world is changing, something is happening. If you are caught up in the what was or what will be you will miss what is happening right now. So be here now, live in this moment.

I have learned to never think I am to busy to stop and take in a view of the Olympics on a summer evening. Since, I have spent more time with the ones I love. I have forgiven myself because we learn from experience. So I believe we should experience life moment by moment. Slow down, take it in, learn about it and love it.