This I Believe

Kim - Maryland Hts, Missouri
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


The sound of screeching cars and drivers’ cursing filled the air while I was walking to school. A little, brown, scruff-of-a-dog ran out from under a car and into the street, dragging a little red leash behind it, and disturbing all the oncoming traffic in its wake. A small, curly-haired girl, about the age of six or so, was running after it with a tear stained face and bloodshot eyes. A tall, middle-aged man was just another part of this chaotic parade, and came running and was yelling after the little girl, who was already in the middle of the street, looking for her little dog. The small dog was nearly as frightened as the little girl, looking like he was going to collapse at any moment. The girl’s face lit up at the sight of her dog and, oblivious to all of the traffic in the road, ran into the street and hugged her scared little friend.

This small girl risked her life in order to save her dog. She risked her life just to save an animal. Some people say that animal’s lives aren’t as important as humans. That people shouldn’t give any respect to animals, and use their lives to fund ours. Yet, that little girl ran into the road, paying no heed to the rest of the world. She loved her dog, as much as any human companion. I believe that people should give as much respect to animals as much as they give themselves.

Nearly seventy million animals are killed each year in US laboratories, and that’s just in the US. Seventy million animals were killed for humans, just for people to test a new drug or run an inhumane experiment. Yet news channels show people acting inhumane toward other people, but none show people acting inhumane towards animals. No one wants to see what they believe, what their beliefs did to others, and what horror they made animals endure.

Animals deserve the same rights as people. They have been given the gift of life, just like us, but people feel that they have the right to abuse and take advantage of them. Some people accuse animals of being savage, and not worthy of respect. However, many species of animals are less savage then people see themselves. Animals protect their family, love their family, and raise their family, just like people. Yet, they don’t “deserve” the same rights as humans.

This I believe: we should respect all life, human or otherwise, for there is a fine line between “us” and “them”, between humans and animals, and between the little girl and her furry best friend.