This I Believe

Matthew - Park Ridge, Illinois
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Leadership is a powerful tool that people use everyday. Through our actions and speech it has control and is respected among society. It comes in all shapes and forms as different situations arise. I have found that I am able to be a leader to people, not just friends or family but people I don’t even know. Looking back, my college experience has allowed me to become a good leader. When I first entered Hope I was similar to how I am now, but less confident and not as educated. I’m able to understand concepts quicker and more efficiently now. These last few years have made me a better person overall, not just as a leader but as an individual.

I’ve always had that label of the nice guy who tells a few jokes and is willing to do anything for the people I care about. It’s gotten me this far, so I continue to act in that manner. That is part of being a leader at times, when someone needs your help. Instead of asking questions why they need help I just dive into the situation. I’m very loyal which I think has made me a good leader as well, having that characteristic generally rewards me with people’s trust and respect.

It’s interesting to think how I am leaving college and entering the “real world” and how that will impact my leadership style. Up to this point everything has been planned; get a high school degree, go to college, graduate, now what do I do? My vision at this point is to be successful at whatever I do: I want a good life. I want to be happy in whatever I’m doing with the love and support from my friends and family. That sounds simple but I’m just looking for the best opportunities for me.

I realize my potential and limitations which helps me find myself. Understanding my strengths allows me to develop into a better leader because I know what I’m capable of. I try to stay confident in my decisions as much as possible, because once I start doubting myself I lose control of the situation. To be honest, most of the time I want to be the leader. I enjoy people asking for my opinion on what the plan should be. Some people are scared of holding responsibility but I want that pressure. Either way if there is a success or failure I want it to be because I was in charge and acted in a certain manner that gave us that result.

My newest goal as a leader is to impact others and show them that they have the potential to lead. Directly, I want to prove to my brothers that they are able to be leaders as well. They can learn from what I’ve done and we can share experiences thus giving us more knowledge on certain subjects. A lot of people have skills and they use them for themselves; I want to share mine with the people around me and help benefit anyone. I’m still willing to learn and improve on my own and the only way I can do that is by trying new things, this should be exciting!