This I Believe

Jessica - Farmington, Missouri
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe that people should be able to be who they really want to be. Wear what they want to wear. I think that people should also be able to choose the religion they want to practice or not practice one at all. You may be saying “We can do this already.” I know this, but I mean without feeling like you’ll be ridiculed for it. I’d like for people to be completely comfortable being exactly who they are. I believe that school would be a better place if more people didn’t feel like who they really are would get made fun of. The atheists wouldn’t be getting sermons from the “Jesus freaks.” The homosexuals wouldn’t have to be afraid of coming out. They wouldn’t have to be afraid of getting made fun of or getting beat up. The kids who like to mix up their clothes wouldn’t get those looks from the people who can afford to spend a hundred dollars on a single pair of jeans.

As an atheist I have been preached to by meaning extremely religious people. Every time I am forced to politely listen to a religious spiel I understand why they are doing this, but I hate it. This was a choice I put thought into. I didn’t just flip a coin for it. I don’t appreciate when people think that I’ve ruined my life over a choice I am quite content with.

I am positive that everyone has had to deal with a feeling similar to this. I am positive that they don’t like the feeling. I believe that if everyone were able to be who they truly wanted to be without having to deal with the negative thoughts of other people everywhere would be better. The wars in the Middle East would be obsolete because they would then understand their differences. There wouldn’t be rivalries and everyone would just get along.

If only people were more understanding. People would be able to be who they want and feel absolutely comfortable with it. They wouldn’t have to watch their back in case someone didn’t like who you are. Although no matter how much I’d like for this to happen I really don’t see it happening. People will always be judgmental.