This I Believe

Kayla - Parsons, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: injustice

This I believe

I believe murderers, rapists, and serial killers do not receive the punishment they deserve. I have always been told do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. Serial killers and murderers have the “easy” way out of life. For instance, when a person brutally kills another he or she should be treated the same way, for punishment. Murderers can kill people in horrible ways that puts their victims in much pain and agony, but in return the murderers are let off the hook and sentenced to life in prison or they are put on death row. The death penalty is unfair. I have heard on the news about children who come up missing and are later found dead with evidence of rape and molestation. When the rapists or murderers are convicted and put on death row they will either die from lethal injection or the electric chair. The system cannot honestly say that punishment is severe in any way. Even though the criminal is having his life ended for his crime does not mean that it is the right punishment. A slow death such as lethal injection or being electrocuted is not at all fair in my book. I think those people should have to go through the same thing as what those children went through. Being put on death row means nothing to me. I don’t see the fairness in it. If a murderer wants to end an innocent persons life they should have his or her life ended in the same way. One story on the news was about a woman who was beaten and strangled to death by her husband. The jurors found the man guilty ,but he was sentenced to life in prison. This action helps me to see that our justice system is not very fair. I think that laws should be enforced harder therefore, it will eliminate a lot of the killings that are present in this society.