This I Believe

M - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

What is a miracle? I’ve experienced many miracles in my lifetime but people have different perspectives on the meaning of a miracle. A miracle to someone could mean surviving in a car accident, or maybe just winning a state championship in a favorite sport. No matter what the situation, I believe everyone has a guardian angel that brings many miracles to one’s life.

In my situation, my miracle happened to someone I care about the most in my life, my mother. A couple weeks ago, my mother went to the doctor for tests because she found a lump in her breast. Our family was very worried, but we have faith that will never die. When the tests came back we found out that the lump was not cancerous and it completely disappeared. This made my family really relieved and a lot happier because we didn’t have to deal with cancer. After this whole situation I sat and thought to myself, was it an angel that had helped us? Why would someone want to help us? I feel that we deserved this miracle, and I am very thankful.

I believe that this miracle came from my angels above. My grandma, great grandma, great grandpa and uncle all died unexpectedly during my life. Their deaths hurt our family horribly, but we all learned from this and realized that they were taken from this earth for a reason. Since they’ve passed, they have been watching down on my family.

My grandmother died from breast cancer seven years ago. This was very painful for our family. I was young, so I did not know how to deal the situation. When my mother had found the lump in her breast, I believe that my grandma sent down an angel to help my mother through her problem.

As you can see, I believe very strongly that miracles do happen to people. I hope everyone realizes that someday, somewhere an angel will bless someone.

When a family goes through some kind of trouble, it is important to have faith and believe in miracles because they could happen anytime, anywhere.

M. Rolander