This I Believe

D - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “ If life were predictable it would not be life, it would be without flavor.” I believe that if life were predictable then there wouldn’t be anything to spice it up because everyone would already know what is going on. Things like work and school would be similar and there would not be any humor in life. Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote is to the point and is easily related to many peoples lives.

In my life at work, no humor would make the day go by very slow. Compared to when we are busy at work. At school if there wouldn’t be any humor then the day would seem to last a much longer time than what it really is with humor. Being able to predict what is going on is like when I go to the movies and someone blurts out what happens because they already have seen the movie. When someone does this it makes me mad and then there is no point of even watching the movie. There is no humor at all in the movie and makes the movie less interesting since I already know what is going on.

Another time that supports my belief would be when for instance my truck. Some of my friends don’t like the brand of truck that I own. This supports my belief because it is a different brand of vehicle doesn’t mean that it will break down any faster than what they drive. This kind of prediction sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t, just whenever parts on my truck seem to want to break. This proves that my friends are only trying to predict what will happen and not what will happen.

The main reason why I believe in the quote so much is because the meaning of the quote has happened to me in my life more than just one time. I believe that Eleanor Roosevelt meant every word of her quote that she said, as much as I do.