This I Believe

A. - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I Believe

My hands are starting to sweat. My grip on my paddle is loosening and my arm stiffens up. I can’t get a point to save my life. My luck has completely gone south. Everything is centimeters from hitting the table or going over the net. I was up 20 to 6 before my opponent rolled off 13 points in a row. I’m facing my brother, and there is no way I can blow that large of a lead without hearing it forever. I need to relax and win this next point; I do not want to go into sudden death. He returns my serve faster than I expect, to my right on the edge of the table. I stretch out my arm and barely get my paddle there in time getting the slightest bit of spin on the ball in the process. The ball travels back just around the outside of the net slicing through the air and strikes the side of the table near the back corner. My brother has no chance to return it back and the ball falls to the ground; I feel a rush of glory in my victory.

Another game I’ve played that stands out is one I won, though it took nearly half an hour to complete. The game ended 37 to 35; nearly the amount of points usually scored in two games. We were completely deadlocked; it seemed the lead changed with every few serves. No one could string more than a few points in a row together. Every point was a battle. Every strike that could of ended the game was amazingly returned, and the game kept on going that is until he made a mistake. His return was high, and I saw my opportunity. I lunged forward and spiked the ball right where it had came from. My opponent tried to get his paddle up in time, but it was to no avail. The ball hit off the edge of the paddle and floated away. I was victorious.

Even if I had lost though, both games were very exciting and I enjoy the competition of ping-pong. I wouldn’t play if I did not enjoy every second of it. Activities are only worth doing if I enjoy them, regardless of what other people might think. When I do activities in my life, however big or small, I put all my effort into them. I often ask myself if I enjoy what I am doing or if I’m doing it because other people think that activity is cool. I make sure I enjoy what I’m doing and if I’m not, then I stop. A quote that I like and feel exemplifies this is “If you’re not having fun it’s not worth doing.” Whether I am at home or in my school’s Senior Lounge, I love to play ping-pong. Ping-pong can just be a fun relaxing game or an intense battle of will. A truly great man once said, “All of my activities are so pedestrian. The extreme sport I play is ping-pong. And we play it hard. If any of you suckers want to step up to the table, be ready.”