This I Believe

A - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: parenthood

I Believe Statement

I know that we’ve all watched Spiderman, Batman, and even Ninja Turtles but what really makes a superhero? Could it be their x-ray vision, their super speed, or the power to become invisible, or is it a person’s character that makes them a super hero? I believe that super heroes don’t always wear capes.

I’ll admit that I watched super hero shows and movies because what kid does not want to watch the excitement of a man flying to save the woman in distress? Or is it watching them run and then invisible? As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that, unfortunately, flying and invisible men do not exist, but I know a super heroe that does. Parents are the real super heroes of the world, even though they don’t have the power to save the world or defeat the bad guy with their agility, they have the ability to make one person feel like they are the world. They are able to make their children believe in themselves and the powers that they possess. Parents are able to make their children love themselves, which, in return, causes them to love their parents.

My mom is the most amazing super hero that I have ever met. She has incredible abilities and, even though she has no x-ray vision, she has better powers than a fictional hero. She has the ability to make me feel like I am worth something to the world. When I was younger, my dad was never there for anything that I ever did. He missed t-ball games and diving meets, and, as I grew older, he missed high school basketball games and choir concerts. My mom was always there for me, calling herself the super parent; she was my mom and my dad all in one person’s body. I used to think that everyone with two parents was so lucky, but they didn’t have what I did; I had my mom.

Everyday I wake up and thank God that my mother was put on this earth. I hope that someday I can teach my children the same life lessons that she taught me. The night after my dad died, I remember crawling into bed and laying with her, and I realized one thing, my mom may not be a world famous super hero, but she’s MY hero and she always will be.

A. Hinkleman