“Hope is the Dream of a Soul Awake”

Jamie - Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

I believe “Hope” is the single word that will help a person transform their life into what they have always imagined. When I attended Mount Tabor High School my life experienced a complete one-hundred and eighty. I started to feel very depressed all the time and I could never concentrate on anything important. Everything seemed to take a turn for the best when I first went to Young Life and learned the meaning of “Hope.”

I attended Young Life my junior and senior year of High School and I am very grateful that my sister convinced me to go. In February of my junior year I traveled to a Young Life camp called Rockbridge with my club from Winston-Salem. The guest speaker at Rockbridge was Joe Black and he explained how focusing on the meaning of “Hope” could actually turn our life around if we allowed it. After a long weekend of listening to Joe Black I began to have doubts about his “Hope” speeches because I never actually thought that one word could have such an impact on one person’s life. I did not start to believe until I bought a ring from Rockbridge that has “Hope” in craved on it. Ever since that weekend in February I have yet to take the ring off my middle finger. I feel comforted by the fact that I can actually display on my body some form of the word “Hope.”

The reason why “Hope” is such a big word to me is because every time I had a down day at school or just in general I would think to myself that it could be worse but if I keep hoping it will all fall in to place in time. To help with my depression I would read and write poems and quotes to calm me down. One day I was searching on www.thinkexist.com to find a quote concerning “Hope” that I could relate to and I stumbled upon a French Proverb quote, “Hope is the dream of a soul awake.” Ever since that day I have said that quote to myself repeatedly to help me conquer my depression and my High School career. For my senior quote in the yearbook I used the French Proverb quote because by the end of my senior year my depression had almost completely disappeared and I felt like the quote had a lot of meaning for me.

I strongly believe that one word can change the life of a human-being if that person is serious about sketching that one word into their heart and brain.