This I Believe

Tara - Bartlett, Kansas
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe it is very important to maintain your individuality especially as a mother. I, like most mothers, am too busy with my family to prioritize any quality time for myself. My daily schedule varies from taking my youngest boys to basketball practice, cooking supper and washing clothes and other necessary household tasks for a family of six. Recently, I enrolled as a non-traditional student in an effort to gain a sense of worth for myself. I had talked about going back to college for many years but did not believe it was feasible with four small children. My husband is the one that finally convinced me to enroll in college. After one particularly stressful day, I arrived home from work in a dreadful mood. My face was flushed with apparent disgust caused by a co-worker’s work ethic that day. It was not the first time that this same employee’s poor work etiquette had distressed me. My husband, Henry, requested to know what was wrong in a both worried and anxious voice. I recounted the day’s events in an attempt to alleviate my stress level. However, he was unsympathetic with his reply “if you do not like your job, do something about it!” His heartless words just further offended my already precarious mood. My face immediately flushed in anger and I stomped into the kitchen to make supper. I openly displayed my discontent by slamming pots and pans and the cabinet doors as I made spaghetti. I was livid about his apparent lack of support. Supper was eaten in silence that night except for the kid’s chatter. The next day, I stopped talking about my future dreams and enrolled in the necessary classes to become a Radiographer. In the days that followed, I began to notice a change in my self-pride. I became aware that I smiled a lot more even at my workplace. I felt this overwhelming sense of satisfaction even though I was now busier. I now had the additional responsibility of my own homework. I believe I had regained a vital part of my individual self-importance. I had been so wrapped up in the total support of my children and husband that I had lost sight of what was important to me. I would not have enrolled in college without the harsh words from my unsympathetic husband. The happiness of my family is extremely important to me but so is my own contentment. I believe that the two are both related to each other. If there is not personal happiness then your family is not going to be completely happy. My family looks to me for support and if I am unhappy and unsmiling then they will be too! I now not only take time for my assigned homework but also an occasional bubble bath. In conclusion, your individuality is incredibly important for both your personal happiness and your family’s happiness.