This I Believe

Rebecca - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of my emotions. In their reliant ability to guide me through life and influence who I am today. Without their passion, life would have some quality issues. Even as a child, I was always raised with full awareness of my emotions. My parents taught me how to embrace them and to allow them to push me forward.

I was 11 years old when my grandmother, the only grandparent I’d ever known, passed away. I never sat on her lap as she told me stories, or went shopping with her, or made any other sort of memories with her. Sometimes I could barely understand what she was trying to say, and a lot of times I wasn’t even sure if she’d know who I was when she saw me! But she always did, and it was at her funeral that my belief became incontestable. Even though I had attended other funerals, it was never like this. Anguish, fear, regret, anxiety filled the air, and surroinded my family. These were the emotions running free in my mind, governing my every action, confusing me, making me desperate to be rid of such negativity! I started thinking of what my father would always tell me in situations of cynical confusion, “Remember Becky Sue, the first step towards moving on, is recognition.” Trying to make sense of his words, I started concentrating on all the negativity I was feeling. I began to realize that in order to cope with things, I had to allow every emotion to settle in. Every emotion to fully penetrate, until there was nothing left to feel. In this moment, I came to realize that my confidence in my emotions was the governing aspect of anything and everything that triggered a different state of mind in me. I realized that this was the belief I had chosen to take under my wing, at an early age. Now, this may not be the right way to cope with some things but it sure has played out well in my life. As a gymnastics coach, I try to consistently make my gymnasts aware of the emotion that is fueling their present actions and concerns. I have come to find that when they accept the fact that their scared of the skill, overcoming the fear is adequately easier. It sounds like a silly thing to base my core belief on such a rambunctious topic like emotions, but at the age of eighteen I know I have a lot more to learn, so I find comfort in my small belief. And I believe in this, hoping, that through my experiences I will only learn more about this belief and be led

to other great conclusions. I believe that emotions should be milked for all their worth. I believe in bathing in the goodness of life, like love, joy, and satisfaction. And in acknowledging all the abominable feelings I’ve come to encounter. Like a balance, I realize that both are needed to enable order to take place, like the Ying and Yang, the absence of either would make a significant difference.