This I Believe

Minerva - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in flaws and in knowing that I can still love and be loved, despite my imperfections, in the comfort I get from the ones who accept me.

Having stayed home for my first semester of college, it never occurred to me that I would need more friends. The friends I have now are still and will always be part of my life. Ever since I was a child, I can remember being shy. Up until now I have had the same close friends I have had since middle school.

Throughout my school years I have lost, made up with, and remained close to my friends, Ana and Josh. I have felt insecurity before, but never when I am in the company of my best friends.

I consider a cry for help to be a hunt for comfort and a person to confide in. I believe in forgiveness and a second chance. And as long as one seeks for a second chance, one deserves the approval of such a proposal.

I met Ana my sophomore year of High School. Ana and I have interests in the same things, take part in the same activities, and talk about the same moments. We probably think about the same things. Even though we have a great deal in common, we have had our conflicts. We have lost contact with one another, but have re-acquainted once more. I have known Josh since seventh grade; we too have the same interests and are as close as two friends can possibly be. We have stopped talking a plentiful amount of times and still find ourselves in each other’s company years later.

People can make errors in many ways, fail in certain circumstances and can hurt the people who love them without meaning to. We as human beings are capable of lying, cheating, being mean-spirited, or annoying others intentionally. Defects such as smoking, drinking, or taking part in any faulty activity are regarded as flaws.

Although my family can disappoint me, or my friends can lie, even my pets can enrage me, just having them with me, in my life, makes every moment worthwhile. Every person I speak to, even if they smoke, have depression problems, drink, or are full of anger is flawless in my eyes.

Looking past all the mistakes a person has made, and still being able to love that person makes me feel more accomplished and accepting. It makes me feel compassionate, knowing that I can accept and acknowledge people who, in others’ eyes, have failed. I am confident and know that I can help somebody with problems, just as I would like for somebody to help me if I had problems.

I have made mistakes, I have lied, and I have cheated. I have lost loved ones, taken them back, and have been taken back by them. I know that I can count on relationships to keep me flawless; I know I am accepted by those I love, and most of all, I know they love me back.