This I Believe

L - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Walking Journal

There is always a point in a person’s life when all they needs is to talk to someone. I have been in this situations many times. All I needed was someone to listen; a person whom I could trust completely and know that nothing would be repeated outside of our conversation. Everything is kept there. My best friend and I tell each other everything that happens in our lives. We do not care what we say to each other, for we both know that whatever is said will not be repeated.

I do not keep a personal journal like some people do; yet when thinking about what people use their journals for, I do have one. The journal is alive; my journal is my best friend, Tony. We tell each other anything and everything. At one point in my life, I was contemplating suicide. Tony took the time to convince me not to, and I realized what all I had going for myself. Other times I just needed to talk about how I want to quit swimming, but he convinced me not too. I really just did not even want to do a sport with this being my senior year, but he talked me into it. There are so many extremes of my feeling and I do not always know how to express myself, yet he is always there for me. Without a person like Tony to talk about everything, I do not know what I would do. I would have made so many mistakes that I would later regret. Tony does the same; he talks to me about everything going on in his life as well. He also knows that any information we share will never be repeated. My life has changed thanks to Tony. Now I know how to handle my tempers and my feelings. With a person like this in my life, I know no matter what I am going through, I have someone to talk to.

If everyone had this type of best friend, then the world would be so much happier. Every single person in the world deserves the chance to have complete trust in someone or something, knowing that nothing talked about will be told to anyone. Some people consider their pets to be a best friend. Again, nothing shared with them will ever be told. I thank God every single day that I have such a terrific best friend, one whom I can trust and know that nothing I say will be judged or used against me.

L. Gerken