This I Believe

K - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Love Can Help Conquer All

Have you ever had a tough time in your life that you thought you never get past? It may exercise loved ones have helped me through situations. For example, when I would be stressed out about having a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, and someone helps me with the work, so I can get it done faster. Or have a problem that I cannot figure out and a loved one comes along to help. You can talk about the problem and work the problem out. Many people think that they can do everything themselves, but they are always stressed about getting things done on time. If I just let a loved one help, I will be able to get things done and enjoy more of life.

I have a nervous disorder, so I know all about needing the help of loved ones even though I do not like to admit I need them. I am a stubborn person, and I come from a stubborn family. We don’t like to admit we need each other, but we do. If it was not for my family and friends, I do not know how I would make it through hard times. Some days, I just need someone to talk to that I really know and love; someone who understands what I’m going through everyday of my life. Many people have no idea what I’m going through. When I am having a bad day, I can hear people whispering because if you would not know I had a condition, you could not tell by just looking at me. Sometimes I just need someone to vent to about my day. I’m sure we have all been in that situation before. With the love my family and friends gives me it makes it easier to get though the day.

Life can be extremely hard from time to time, sometimes I even feel like giving up, but with the love of others it is easier to get through the days. Everyone needs a person that they can turn to no matter what is going on; it could be a parent, sibling, friend, or even a significant other. However, many people are scared to turn to someone because they do not truly trust them. The person I turn to I need to trust with everything; it cannot just be some random person you hardly know. I truly believe that love can help conquer, all as long as you believe it can.

K. Elling