This I Believe

D - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

To Succeed in Life You Must Learn From your Mistakes.

In life, if you don’t learn from mistakes, you’re only bound to repeat those mistakes. I am most successful at something after I have failed at it before. In sports, I learn best from failing time after time. Then things start to go my way because I am not thinking about failing so much. I learn things in school easier when I get a certain question wrong. As soon as I get a question wrong in class the answer just becomes embedded in my mind. When that question is on a test there is no way I will get it wrong. I know people that don’t learn from their mistakes, and they are only digging themselves a hole. Until they start learning they will have a rough time digging themselves out. I have a hard time believing that people can live with themselves knowing they make the same mistakes their whole lives.

In sports, the veterans, seniors tend to be better athletes and competitors all around because they have learned from mistakes over the years and did things to correct them. I have learned this first hand because my senior season of football just ended about a week ago. I remember back in my freshman and sophomore years when I didn’t play very often and this year, I was a starter on defense and didn’t miss a varsity snap. I most definitely learned from my mistakes because I’ve become a much better football player over the years. In school, I didn’t do that great my freshman year and half of my sophomore year in high school. Academically, I just became too lazy, but I realized that I needed to knock it off and get busy because I was preparing myself for my future.

I know that I have had at least two ways, academically and athletically, of learning from my mistakes in life. People that don’t learn from their mistakes might want to start now because it can be very beneficial. There are people who can’t do this, which is very sad. Some people just need to take a new approach to life, and this would be a very good start for them.