This I Believe

B - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

We have all had days where we were just down in the dumps. No matter what I do it seems that it is all wrong. Some people feel that they are all alone and that no one cares. Well, there is a way to combat days like that. People just need to have someone to talk to and someone that understands what they feel at that point in time. I love being able to help someone who is having a bad day; I just love to help people any way. There is just something good about knowing that you helped someone who was having a real bad day and made it into an okay day.

When I get to help people I get a great sense of pride knowing that in a little way I had a hand in helping them get over whatever was wrong. I have always been a good listener and had an ability to be able to listen to someone and find a way to help them out with their problems. I enjoy being able to give advice and to find a meaningful solution to almost any situation that is thrown at me. No matter who you are, you’re always going to have a problem that you can’t figure out by yourself, that’s when you need a friend that can listen and help you out, I’m that friend.

My friends know that I’m good at listening and giving advice, so they usually turn to me for help. Whether it is about school, family, other friends or even someone of the opposite sex they ask me to help them out. I’m always there if they need a hand. I’m a natural born giver and tend to believe in a peaceful resolution. I know that there is an answer to everything that can be asked you just have to be willing to listen and look for that answer. People have to know when they need a hand in life but also when they have to go about something by themselves, and that is the true test in life and the true test in a friendship. People have to be able to rely on them self but also know when they need help and need their friends around them. Knowing when people need to turn for help, or when to look at them selves and decided that they are the source of their problems and only they can turn it around. The true test is learning when to turn for help, or look at the problems and solve it by yourself. The knowledge comes in time but people have to be willing to listen and learn form others so we don’t make the same mistakes again.