This I Believe

T - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Some people may think that this sounds bad, but I truly believe that money can buy happiness. I am not talking about all kinds of happiness, but it can buy some kinds of happiness. On Christmas morning when someone opens up a gift, they usually become happy. It took money to buy that gift, so money made someone happy. When I go home and get bored, I usually get on the computer or watch TV to cheer me up. The reason I have these things is because I used money to buy them.

I have noticed that when it is time to pay taxes or bills, people usually get upset or very disgruntled. The reason that people are like this is because they have to give their

money to all these different companies and nobody enjoys giving up that much money. Also, whenever someone receives a raise, they are usually very happy because that means they get a pay increase. Once again, these shifts in moods are caused by the flow of money. People are happier when they receive money and tend to be more upset when they spend or lose money.

Last week after leaving a concert in Detroit, I was asked if I had any spare change. When I gave the man a dollar that I had in my pocket he seemed to become much happier. Just by giving him that small amount of money, I was able to brighten his day just that little bit. As we were walking to the car, another man asked me for some change. When I told him that I didn’t have any change because I had given my dollar to the other man, he just said thanks anyways and continued walking through that cold dark parking lot. I felt better and happier after I had given the first man a dollar because by giving him that money I was able to make him happier. When I didn’t have any money to give to the other man, I felt disappointed because I was unable to help him out or cheer him up. These two instances show how, in the right situation, money can affect a person’s mood. I am not saying that money will bring you happiness all the time, but sometimes it is possible for money to make people or others around them happy.