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sarah - guilderand, New York
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Sarah Alloush

Title: Miracles happen

Miracles Happen

It was a cold, chilly night on Christmas Eve to watch a great show and a pregnant woman was on her way to visit her father to spend the Christmas vacation their while she was pregnant. Just a couple blocks away from her fathers’ home her stomach was hurting. She wanted to the hospital but there was none nearby and she did not know where it was located. So she stopped on a block with just a couple houses and looked at them. She was thinking what house she should go to. She needed a house that had a person who could help her. The lady looks at one house and then another. Her decision now was to go to the house she looked at first. She’s walking to the front door to ring the doorbell and goes running to the house across the street. When she goes to the doorbell to ring it and an old lady in a robe opens it and the pregnant woman tells her that she is giving birth. The lady in the robe then calls down her daughter who is a training to be a doctor at a hospital takes care of the job. I still wonder what exactly made her go to that house across the street.

There are other miracles that go from winning the lottery to recovering from a severe illness. There are a lot of people in the world who goes through a miracle everyday. A miracle can de as simple as acing a test or winning a basketball game. But the fact is that miracles really do happen. In fact I have gone through a miracle myself.

On March 17, 2004 around 8:45 in the morning a silver Mercedes loses control and pulls up on Franklin BLVD almost killing my mom and me or possibly paralyzing us when I was walking to school. When the car pulled up I quickly jumped back and eye – witnessed the car running into a pole and damaging it.

Theses are great examples of miracles. Miracles save people lives. Not everyone gets miracles so you should take advantage of the miracle that happened to you if it ever did. I’m sure everyone had a miracle in their life. It can be so simple like you not getting into trouble when you got into a fight with someone or it could be something so big like being rich or surviving AIDS or HIVS or a deadly disease. Millions of people around the world go through a miracle without even noticing. So whenever you got into a dangerous situation and got out of it safely be THANKFUL that god helped you. Miracles are unpredictable. Hopefully a miracle will happen to you one day.