This I Believe

Matthew - Guilderland, New York
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe that miracles do happen, sometimes when you least expect it. I think that miracles happen everyday, in some way. I know this because I have seen or heard about miracles happening to other people. Miracles can be anything from the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series to winning the lottery and becoming rich (something I have yet to do) to someone’s life being saved.

I have a perfect example of a miracle happening. I have a friend whose mother became sick with a fever about 10 years ago. Her temperature was about 105 degrees and still rising. She had to be hospitalized and she was informed that she may not get better. She was lying down on the bed in the hospital and a Catholic priest came in. The priest prayed to God to help her get better and be back to normal. My friend’s mother family also prayed that she would get better. Then, the next day, unexplainably, her temperature was back to normal. It was a big surprise for the family, they weren’t sure that she would get better and did not expect at all that the fever would be gone the next day. When she told me that story, I was very surprised and almost did not believe the story. You s ee, miracles do happen.

Another fine example of a miracle happening is when my dad, my brother, and I went skiing at Jiminy Peak about 4 years ago

. My brother and I were much better skiers than my father. That day, we decided to go on a race course with flags (to go around), but we weren’t racing, we were doing it just for fun (and for the free mountain dew that came with it, of course). My brother went down first, and then found out there was a lot of ice on the bottom and told us to be careful (the course was short so we could still see him). We got the message and I went next, and got to the bottom safely. My dad then went, however, at the bottom of the trail, he, unfortunately, slipped while tying to stop and rammed into a tree. I was surprised and shocked that this had happened. We had to get help and a few people came and got my dad out of the woods. They took him to a room, and a few people were watching us. My mom and my sister were called and they arrived soon after. We were praying that nothing bad happened to him. Luckily, he was only bruised and no bones were broken! He was lucky because he could’ve gotten really hurt (and I though that he was). Miracles do happen.

Miracles don’t always happen when people are dying or hurt, they can happen randomly or to your benefit. One example of this is winning the lottery. Two years ago, my mom told me a story. One of the people who she works with decided to enter the lottery for fun. She didn’t realize that she would actually win. I think the prize was about $50,000-$100,000. Later, she came to work with a surprise! She had won the lottery! My mom and other co-workers were surprised and congratulating her. She gave the prize money to her five children. I told mom that she should win the lottery and give the money to me, and she laughed. Miracles do happen.

I have another miracle story that maybe everyone knows about. The Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004. They had finally won after many years (86 to be exact), and Boston Red Sox fans went crazy. I was surprised that they got back from a 3-0 series lead by the Yankees and that they won the World Series four games to none against the St. Louis Cardinals. I am not a Boston Fan, nor am I supporting the Yankees. I don’t really have a favorite team so I was neither disappointed nor happy. However, it was a great miracle for the Boston Red Sox and a not so great one for the Yankees and Cardinals. Miracles do happen.

Miracles do happen, everyday and all the time. There are little miracles and big miracles. There are life saving miracles, like when my friend’s mom got really sick and became better all of a sudden or when my dad hit a tree while skiing but he was not really hurt. There are also miracles where you get really lucky, like my mother’s co-worker winning the lottery and miracles for enjoyment like when the Red Sox won the World Series. Remember that sometimes miracles happen when you least expect it. Do you believe in miracles now? You should.