This I Believe

Jessica - Keene, New Hampshire
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom

I believe women should be free to choose. I believe in a woman’s liberty and choice over her body and life. I believe in women’s liberation and the power each woman possesses. I see the strength in each woman’s eyes. The burdens that she has carried and the scars that still bleed. I see the wear and tear in each wrinkle but the rosiness that still stays in her cheeks. I believe no man should stand in a women’s way. No man should speak on behalf of a woman’s body or soul. I believe no man is greater than a woman and sometimes questionably equal.

I believe in the 14th amendment. Women should have the choice to choose to nurture or not to. The soul knows when its ready and what constitutes a man to know that truth?

Look around at what our world has become for women’s choice. If men take the rights of choice from women the self inflicted abuse will continue. Over 20 million women insert knitting needles, sticks, coat hangers, and even bleach douches to prevent pregnancies but don’t have legal abortion. Some women are forced to have their stomachs to be kicked because they have only had daughters. Around 70,000 women die each year from botched abortions. This isn’t right.

The Vice President of Africa said “There is a silent war waged against women, mostly in the developing world, and their right to reproductive health, especially to safe abortion. This war is fueled by archaic abortion laws. We need to ask ourselves whether we will allow old laws to kill women…”

These things are happening right in front of our eyes. A women’s power as a nurturer is undeniable shouldn’t her choice be too? You can’t tell me we don’t work hard enough, or we are incapable. Every man comes from a women, isn’t that so? So before you choose for me, listen to my cry. I deserve the freedom and the liberty, without you asking or even telling me why. I believe in that choice.