This I Believe

Nathan - Schenectady, New York
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

“Work hard, and you’ll get amazing results, trust me boys!” This was a saying by my basketball coach during one of my basketball practices. This quote inspired me in times, and led to my belief that you should always work hard and do your best to earn respect and trust. Also by working hard, you get that good feeling that almost everybody doesn’t get. I learned this during my 13 years on Earth. People should take things seriously and work hard even if you don’t want to do it!

When I started tae-kwon-do at the age of 8, I didn’t take this sport seriously because I didn’t know a lot about it, and I needed an activity to keep me busy. So I just did this sport for fun and exercise. But what I didn’t know was how competitive this martial art was. So when I got my yellow belt following my color belt test, I suddenly realized that this was an opportunity to get some respect from others around the community, especially the other students. So I quickly progressed through all of the color belts by taking a colored belt test for each belt, and passing each easily I started with white, then progressed to yellow, then green, then blue, then red. Surprisingly, it took me only 2 years to get from white to red. For an average person, he or she would get to red in 3 years. So I was getting ready for the test for the ultimate color: black! It was a funny thing, realizing that the people who got their black belts the same time as I did were already green belt students when I first started tae-kwon-do. My dad and my master told me how talented and a hard worker I was. I just shook it off, not realizing what respect really meant. I passed the test that summer of 2005. I received my black belt, along with my certificates and my test score sheet. It was a happy day for me. I was only 10 years of age. My belt even had my name on it. I soon realized that you need to work hard to get respect and if you do, it’s a good feeling after all.

People should consider working hard throughout their lives. If they elect to be lazy throughout their lives, then go ahead. Trust me; you won’t get much respect from adults. I was lazy the whole time at home when I was younger. Now I help around the house, and I work harder than in the past. My parents give me new privileges, such as staying home and doing things independently. It feels good, knowing that your parents have your trust. That’s why I think people should work hard.

This hard-working effort kind of occurred to me as I got older, around 10 years of age. You know how kids hate it when their parents always made them go to the grocery store or any other stores that they weren’t interested in. Trust me I was one of these kids. I tried to bail out at times when my parents forced me to go with them to run errands that I wasn’t interested in, but my parents made me go with them. When I was doing all of the chores around the house that my parents assigned me, they started noticing how much I was working around the house. One day, when we were ready to go to the mall for Christmas presents, my parents told me that I didn’t have to go. I was happy, ‘cause I thought that shopping was really boring. So after they left, I reacted by running around the house, feeling free at last, thinking ‘Oh boy oh boy, this is sweet, just me and the dog!’ Told you! It would be a good feeling once you work hard enough. Trust me; you’ll get some results, positive ones.

People on my basketball team didn’t take him for granted, but I did. I worked hard throughout the whole season, through sweat and dirty play. The hard work showed in games. In the end, guess what? I was a starter for my team in the final couple of games during my 7th grade year, including a playoff game. I also got tremendous credit from my coach during the playoffs. We played a total of three games, winning just one and losing two. However, I shut down a really tall boy during the first playoff game. He was tall, and I’ll tell ya again, TALL, maybe at least 6’0’’? I nicked named him the giant! He seemed kind of intimidating to me, but I shook that off. I got into the game that night, feeling all excited, and effortlessly shut him down that evening. Deep down in my body, I was feeling proud of myself. Then a week later, my team played against our other church organization, St.Clares R. I came off the bench when my team was desperate to shut down this guy named Andrew. He was their best player offensively. I limited him to just 2 free throws in a grand total of about 8 minutes. He looked pretty frustrated, almost set to blow up! But I just looked on happily at his team’s bench. I didn’t care a lot about it, because I was used to getting a lot of success in sports. One month later at the banquet, my coach declared me as the defensive player of the year! I was pretty proud of that.

You see, this is why people should consider working hard at all time. Even though you may not get results, it’s still a good thing to work hard. You will make huge improvements. Many people choose not to work hard in their lives, and instead choose to be lazy and do nothing. I would advise you to not follow the “crowd.” You should work hard. Besides, you only get one life, and do you really want to waste your life being lazy? I wouldn’t.