This I Believe

Daniel - Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: place

Daniel J. Miller

Ms. Gidjunis

English 102

December 10, 2007

I believe In Canada

The cold crescent morning lingers until the sun shines brightly over the endless horizon. Blueberry fields consume the land like moss on the northern side of a tree. Moose wonder carelessly and methodically through the fields of cranberries, and pastures of thick grass nibbling and eating whatever they please. The sights, the smells, the quietness that this place withholds only leads me to say this bold statement “I believe In Canada”. For if I didn’t believe in Canada I wouldn’t even believe in my own mother. My mother was born a Canadian citizen or as some say a Kanuk, she says “aye” and “can I go to the washroom” instead of “can I go to the bathroom.” However my mothers beauty and good natured ways were developed from that piece of land that hangs on to the United States just north of the border, you know that one that people tend to forget, Canada.

The only thing more intriguing than Canada it self is the thought of Canada especially if you have never had the opportunity or privilege to go there. I find it very interesting that Americans, particularly ones that have never been to Canada find Canada an almost mythical place. I know before I ever went to Canada I never knew what to expect, it’s this large country that is attached along the entire northern end of the United States, we never here anything in the news about Canadian Governments or leaders and a lot of French people live there. It’s almost as though Canada does not exist at certain points. I mean how can people get a perception that Canada doesn’t do anything special, that they are invisible. That is an impossible thing to say, because if you woke up and had pancakes this morning you probably used maple syrup, which was originated in Canada, if you throw in a Shania Twain compact disc you are listening to the voice of Canada, if you like ice hockey stick and like Wayne Gretzky well Canada has produced that to. (325)

Canada is no longer a mythical place of beasts, goblins and nothingness. Canada has produced some of the greatest things in this world and it’s that reason plus the beauty of the landscape that makes me and allows me to say proudly “ I believe in Canada”.