This I Believe

Nick - Manlius, New York
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people, especially the younger generation, shouldn’t rely as heavily on technology than most of us do today. Some pieces of technology can be helpful, but others are taking over simple procedures that can easily be done without this technology. People are just trying to finish things faster by using certain technological items. Instead of being patient and taking their time, it seems like the majority of people need to constantly be moving or doing something. Something like spell check on a word processing document isn’t a necessity. That’s what the dictionary is for. You should just be able to look up words in a book, and not have to click a button.

When my parents were children, they didn’t have the online search engines that are easily reached on the internet. They had to walk to the library and look up information in an encyclopedia. They had to, when they were in school, read a whole novel by themselves without “sparknotes”. They had to interpret and analyze the summaries and not have a website do it for them.

Our generations seem to be using technology for granted and not use them properly for the way that they were originally created for. An example of this is the graphing calculators that can be used to store answers to tests on. Children should be able to do simple math and not have to do “5×5” on a calculator. These pieces of technology weren’t created to do fourth grade math, but merely guide you to the right answer of a problem.

You can barely walk around with someone without that person or even yourself being interrupted by a cell phone or pager. Some people even have caller ID, which can help them to avoid people that they don’t want to talk to. If you don’t want to talk to someone, tell them instead of ignoring them. Today, the only way we get to know someone is either on the internet, or on a phone. Our phones are getting so advanced that we can listen to music, access the internet, and text message people on one phone.

I think that if there ever was a major technological malfunction somewhere down the road, that it would be harder to get things accomplished than it is today because of all the technology that is available to us today. People, such as the upcoming generations, should learn to be more dependent on their knowledge instead of all our complicated establishments. I think the fact that my sister can operate cell phones and computers more successfully than my grandparents. This shows how much more technologically advanced the younger generation is compared to the people that are older in age. Our parents and grandparents didn’t have cellphones when they were our age. This makes us wonder how the next generations, and the ones after that, are going to be able to work with technology. How advanced in technology will we be in a couple centuries if this is how advanced we are today?

I believe that people should at least try to rely more on their own principles, or at least cut back on the amount of technology that they use today. Sometime in the future, whether it’s in a long time, or in the near future, I think that technology will eventually do most of the daily schedule that we need to do. We won’t have as much self-discipline for ourselves if technology does everything for us that we need to accomplish. Technology is growing rapidly and a majority of it is being used in the wrong ways. This I Believe.