This I Believe

Dominique - El Paso, Texas
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Behind Our Smiles

I believe that a picture has more meanings then the smiles they display. I carry a picture in my wallet of me and my mom and when I look at it I look past the smile. I’m sitting next to the greatest women in the universe, someone who not only helped me but many others as well. An inspiration to me and the reason I am the way I am. If I haven’t already introduced you this is Regina Taylor, also known as my Mom. Just taking a basic look at this picture you wouldn’t actually be able to tell the anger me and my mom expressed for each other as the photographer snapped the picture, I had my arm around her in a peaceful way but I was infuriated I really wanted to use that arm and choke her but I hid my true feelings behind my smile as well as she did.

As we entered the photo shop me and my mom carried on about the events that happened early on in the day, she insisted that I grow up and learn to listen to her, and I defended myself by saying I am grown that’s why I don’t have to listen to you. To give you a better insight on the pointless argument me and my mom were having, it started when she arrived on the plane from Kuwait I was excited to see her but she kind of blew me off for the rest of my family members she haven’t seen in years. I was pissed because she gave me a simple hug as if I was some friend of the family and not her only son, to move on with the story the next day she calls my cell phone and tells me to come home so we can spend time I replied no I’m with my friends now were trying to decide on what to do after graduation, so she carries on like a mad women saying that if I didn’t come home that I wouldn’t make it across the graduation stage I replied back as if I wasn’t afraid yea right but truthfully I was thinking to myself she might be serious. I continue on with my day anyway and she calls back telling me that she scheduled us to take pictures tomorrow to be ready at ten, she knew how much I hate to take pictures I know she did it to make me annoyed, so I told her okay no problem picturing the look on her face as I said it because I knew it wasn’t what she had expected. The next day I woke up and approached my mom with a smile on my face knowing that it would bother her, we drove to the photo shop in complete silence as if we were driving to a dead family member’s funeral. When we make it to the photo shop as we enter the door my mom tells me that I better smile in the picture, that’s all she had to say to make my phony act that I was trying pull reveal itself my mom knows I hate to smile in pictures because my smile is too big and it looks like I’m trying too hard. I told her no and the argument carried on between each frame only stopping when the camera man told use to say cheese then we would smile as if nothing were wrong.

At the end of the photo shoot I thought about growing up with this women was a true experience I seen her take many roles from a father, cook, and a crazed madman. I keep my head high my mom’s advice is what I go by besides my own I know that she will guide me on the road that I need to follow. When I was young me and my sister use to hate the advice my mom had it was unimportant to us at the time, it wasn’t until we had seen some hardships that made me and my sister follow my mom’s lead.

Me as a young boy was crazy I was always in trouble everyday in school no matter how many whippings my mom had given me I was always hard headed my mom had patience never did she give up and send me to my dad she stuck through everything I put her through I respect her for that, because no one believed that I would change and grow they all believed that I would always be the same person. So when I look at this picture I look beyond the smiles and the coordinated clothes and it’s what inspires me throughout the day.