This I Believe

Lawrence - Paterson, New Jersey
Entered on December 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

Lawrence Reels

December 5, 2007

College Writing

Word Count: 446

This I Believe

Now more than ever we live by the creed of, “not enough time to stop and smell the roses.” In this fast-paced, highly tech-savvy society it seems that there is barely the time to do anything outside of schedule and routine but I believe I have found the key to relaxation, that one true chill pill. I believe in the legalization of marijuana. I believe if everyone in this world were high it would be an extremely peaceful place.

I believe in marijuana as medicine and that the very fact that scientists have proven marijuana as an effective drug for medicinal usage says a lot for its case. I believe in what people tell me of their personal experiences about the only reason there are any hospital visit related to marijuana it really isn’t even the cause. I believe it should just be illegal to take something so beautiful and corrupt it by making it mixed of “laced” with some sort of other drug that can cause illness.

I also believe in the marijuana smoker who may have a dead end job working paycheck to paycheck but is enjoying the roller coaster of life. I. I believe that you may hear this and think okay that kid is drug user I want to stay away from him and that’s fine but all I want to do is make it known the positives that can be taken out of something that is seemingly so wrong and is that not what life is all about? I believe if life gives you lemons and you make lemonade right? I believe that when people hear others suggest legalization of marijuana and have one of two reactions, shock that someone would even suggest such a “wicked thing” or laughter taking that person as a joke as I have seen in another class this semester. Believe it or not I believe in the old cartoon commercials with the slogan, “Id rather eat a big old bug than ever take a stupid drug.” I believe in this simply because I do not believe in marijuana as a drug. I believe in it as stress therapy just as good as a deep tissue message. I believe that this essay should and will be selected because then the underdog would finally get a chance to be heard. I believe true happiness comes sometimes in small zip-lock bags of various sizes. I believe that the feeling that the ancient Indian people felt from the hemp plant is just the same as the one today. I believe in chance. This is what I believe.