This I Believe

Sarah - Port Orchard, Washington
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I Believe in Tattoos!

Do you have any tattoos? Have you ever thought of getting one? “Art is for the living not the dead. Art imitates life and life imitates art” (Lyle Tuttle, famous tattoo artist). Many people do not believe tattoos to be an art form.

First of all, for those who are not as familiar with the tattoo community, tattoos and tattoo artists have grown so much over the years, as well as the whole tattoo industry. It is no longer the stereotypical bikers, sailors, gangs etc. getting them; now one out of every three people walking down the street has a tattoo. As a society it is no longer frowned upon to have them. People’s eyes are opening up and they are starting to see tattoos for what they truly are— Art!

Most people have probably never thought of them this way but I see tattoos as a way of communicating. I have a friend named Petey, who is a salesman, and he is covered in tattoos; surprisingly, this is what helps him sell. His customers ask him why he has them, where he got them from, or they show him theirs: and this breaks the ice! Petey and his customers are now on more of a friend basis and he is more successful because of the art on his body. It is almost like one joins a club if they have a tattoo, and anyone can be part of it no matter what color, race, religion, etc. I believe that tattoos bringing people together is one of the truest forms of art.

I believe that people’s bodies are an open canvas on which they can wear their art. Each tattoo on someone’s body is a symbol. It shows the sort of things they are interested in, what is important to them, and who they are as a person. Behind every tattoo is a meaning or message; much like other forms of art it is an expression.

I have my own personal experience with tattoos; not only do I have them but I also work at a tattoo shop. I have eight tattoos! Most of them are of butterflies and fairies, I chose these because of the intricate detail and color in each one. Tattoos can be whatever one wants, they open up ones imagination and creativity. I think tattoos are unique as well as the people who get them, no one is exactly the same and I find that very beautiful and poetic.

What will your tattoo be? How will it be an expression of you? For those who do not believe in tattoos I ask them to take a closer look at the true meaning of them and their purpose: to look outside the box and see them as a true form of art or expression. Jack Rudy (another famous tattoo artist) said, “Art should not be confined in a stuffy art gallery, art should be experienced by all.”