This I Believe

Jake - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Is it just me or does it seem easier to accomplish tasks when not only goals are set, but when desired more. I believe that ambition overcomes obstacles and without drive there is no success. When no standard is set then nothing is accomplished, but with practice or planning anything can happen. For example, when skateboarding I may be able to only Ollie, or jump carrying the board with my feet, a short height, but when there is an obstacle like stairs or ledges, I can Ollie higher, but just enough, to clear the stunt. Not only sports, but with studies, careers, and getting through life, when goals are prepared, dreams become reality.

In my daily routine it may feel like I’m repeating my waking hours over and over, but when I stop and think about what I’m doing, I realize what I’ve got myself into and why. Just because you go to the same class every day doesn’t mean you learn the same thing ever day as well. Every time a simple task is finished you become more comfortable with the procedure. When I first started driving I was uncomfortable in the driver’s seat and nobody wanted to ride with me, but with practice driving became second nature. Now sometimes I have to wake up early for class or work and find myself driving half asleep, but I do it with ease because I know what needs to be done and I’m in control of the situation. I may have two weeks to type an English paper, but the night before its due and all I have is the heading, my ambition to succeed overtakes me and without a problem, the paper I had put off for all that time, was completed in a matter of hours that seemed like nothing. Even when new challenges approach, natural drive is brought out from within us and simple tasks or possibly feared tasks that had been on our minds for a long time can be overcome with such ease.

You never know when you’ll break until you are pushed to your limits. Knowing how to do something is one thing, but experiencing something new first hand is uncomfortable to many. Those that take a minute to assess the issue and form a plan of attack are the ones that exceed standards and formulate something out of themselves. I believe that it takes ambition to be successful.