Just BE Yourself

leslee - russellville, Kentucky
Entered on December 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Through out my high school years I felt if I was an out cast my mom and dad didn’t make enough money for me to hang out with the jocks. So I come to figure out that I just needed to be my self and if people didn’t like me for who I was I didn’t need to be their friend anyway. I believe that you should be your self and not try to be something your not because in the end you come out on the bottom. You always do what you feel is right and not what everyone else wants you to do, don’t give up with what you want to do because some one is telling you the idea is stupid or will make fun of you.

My ninth grade year I wanted to be in JROTC so I enrolled it seemed as if every one in the high school that was not in ROTC made fun of every one who was but it’s what I really wanted to do and I after one semester I really enjoyed it. So all I could do is ignore everyone around me and do what I felt I wanted. I enjoyed JROTC so much that I involved my self in the color guard, raiders, and riffle team. When we went to competitions we had so much fun. So the way I looked at it is that every one else was missing out.

I enjoyed JROTC so much that I completed 4yrs of the class and when I finished I was the second highest ranking officer cadet major. I feel with taking this class even though every one made fun of me the class taught me leadership and responsibilities that which I use know in life. To me it’s a good thing I done what I wanted because I feel that I come out on top I learned important skills that will help me out for the rest of my life. So as I said do what you want with your life not what everyone else is telling you to do. In the end you will come out on top because you will enjoy what you are doing and face it if you do what everyone else is or what they want you to you could come out miserable hating your life for all the wrong things you have done. Or you could have done things that you will regret for the rest of your life because deep down you wanted to be your self but you just couldn’t do it cause you wanted to be like everyone and fit in. Face it not every one wants the same thing in life so if your ever have a tuff decision to make go with your gut decision and just be your self.